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For your vehicle to perform at its best, it needs a high performing transmission system. A transmission that will quickly shift from one gear to another, without a hitch or delay. A transmission that doesn’t take away from your vehicle’s acceleration. If you start to notice a problem with your transmission, it’s important you have it serviced by professionals who understand what they’re doing. The system is too complex for anything less. At AAMCO Transmission of Tucson, AZ, we’re the professionals you’re looking for. Our highly-trained technicians and service managers will work with you to find the best solution for your vehicle’s transmission system. By the end of your visit, your vehicle will be at its best once more!

Exceptional Auto Care

At AAMCO Transmission, we aim to provide you with an exceptional auto care experience. From the front office to the garage, we make sure that all of your automotive needs are met. This all begins with our service managers, who have an in-depth understanding of our business and the services we provide. After chatting with you about your vehicle and concerns, they’ll create a customized service plan that’ll save you time and money. We don’t move forward until this plan is approved by you.

Once they receive word of your approval, our technicians get to work. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and components, they’ll provide your transmission system with all the services it needs to ensure your next drive is a smooth one. Whether you need the clutched repaired or the power steering fluid replaced, they will handle it all. During your wait, spend some time with us! We have a comfortable waiting room with free wifi! If you’re on the go, we also provide free shuttle service and status updates through your preferred form of communication, so you’ll know exactly when to come back. Once our technicians are finished, our service managers will provide you with a breakdown of the appointment and financing options if applicable. Along with that, your vehicle will be covered by our AAMCO Nationwide Warranty, which provides 12 Month / 12,000 Miles or 24 Month / 24,000 Miles. Ask our service manager for more details!

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A failing transmission is a serious issue that can affect the quality of your drive and the overall condition of your vehicle. Driving with it will only worsen the problem and put you in dangerous situations. Instead of ignoring the problem, fix it by visiting the transmission repair specialists at AMMCO Transmission of Tucson, AZ! Our technicians utilize the latest tools and components, as well as their specialization in transmission repair & maintenance, to handle every problem you may encounter. Whether you need the fluid flushed or the system replaced, we make sure your vehicle receives the transmission service it needs! Give us a call at 520-572-8599 and schedule a service with us today! Want to check out our facility? Visit us at 3674 West Ina Road, just turn right on Exit 248 coming off Interstate 10! We accept all walk-ins!* We can’t wait to meet you!

*Wait times will vary pending daily schedule