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For manual vehicle owners, one of the first things you learn is to never ride the clutch. The clutch, which allows drivers to shift gears throughout their drive, will quickly deteriorate and show signs of failure if not properly utilized. If you’re noticing problems with your vehicle’s clutch, make sure you visit the clutch repair experts at AAMCO Transmission of Tucson, AZ. Our highly trained technicians will work with you to handle any problem your clutch and transmission may have. We’ll make sure that your clutch is operating at its best by the end of your visit!

Service You Can Appreciate

We understand that prior to us, many of our customers have experienced poor auto service. Whether it’s receiving a faulty repair or a dishonest service quote, we’ve heard numerous stories of vehicle owners leaving a shop unhappy. Customers come to us hoping we can change that trend, and we’re ready to provide you with a product that you can appreciate. Your visit first begins with our service manager, who has a detailed understanding of our business and services. Using details such as your vehicle’s age and driving history, they can provide you with a service plan that’ll save you money and have your clutch performing smoothly once more.

With your approval, our technicians begin their work. Supplemented by state-of-the-art tools and parts, they have all the equipment available to handle any problem your clutch may experience. During your appointment, we invite you to relax in our comfortable waiting room with free WiFi! If you have places to be, opt to travel with our shuttle service. We keep you in the loop with status updates via your preferred form of communication. Once the service is finished, our service managers will give a brief rundown of everything performed for your vehicle and financing options, if applicable to your situation. Your vehicle qualifies for our 12 Month / 12,000 Miles or 24 Month / 24,000 Miles nationwide warranty. Make sure you ask our service manager for more details!

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For owners with a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch plays an important role in the overall operation of your vehicle. Make sure you have it fixed as soon as possible by visiting the clutch repair experts in Tucson, AZ — AAMCO Transmission. Our professional automotive team has a full range of state-of-the-art tools and parts to handle any problem your clutch may have, whether it’s slipping out of gear or having a rough shift. Give us a call at 520-572-8599 and schedule a service with us today! Want to check out our facility? Visit us at 3674 West Ina Road, just turn right on Exit 248 coming off Interstate 10! We accept all walk-ins!* We can’t wait to meet you!

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