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When it comes to the safety of your vehicle, the first thing that comes to mind for most drivers is the braking system. Built to stop your vehicle at a moments notice, it’s why drivers are able to safely navigate busy highways and streets. It’s why drivers are able to quickly stop their vehicle when an animal runs in front of them. And it’s because of this importance that drivers need to visit AAMCO Transmission in Tucson, AZ as soon as possible when they run into an issue. Our experienced technicians and service managers have the latest tools and service techniques to properly fix any problem the brakes may have, whether it’s a spongy brake pedal or a warped brake disc. We make sure our clients have the safest version of their vehicle by the end of their visit!

We Look Out For You!

At AAMCO Transmission, we want to provide you with the safest version of your vehicle. Part of why we offer all of our auto services is so that when you’re on the road, you can feel safe in your vehicle. That all starts by providing you with quality auto care. You’ll first meet with our service manager, who’ll use their extensive knowledge of our business and the services we offer to provide a customized service plan to solve your vehicle’s braking problems and save you money.

Once the plan is approved by you, the service begins. Our technicians use the latest tools and service techniques to properly assess the condition of your vehicle’s brakes and provide them with the services they need. Whether you need the brake lines bled or the fluid changed, they have the services your vehicle needs. During your visit, feel free to leave the shop! We offer shuttle service and constant status updates on your vehicle. When you need to return, you’ll be promptly notified! After our technicians finish with your vehicle, our service managers will give you a rundown of everything performed and provide you with finance options if necessary. Your vehicle will also be covered by our AAMCO Nationwide Warranty, good for 12 Month / 12,000 Miles or 24 Month / 24,000 Miles! Ask your service manager for more details.

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Without a functioning braking system, it’s almost impossible to safely navigate the roads. Make sure you’re always driving the safest version of your vehicle by visiting the go-to brake repair center in Tucson, AZ — AAMCO Transmission. Our professional automotive team can quickly diagnose what’s wrong with your brakes and provide it with the repairs it needs to perform at its safest. Ready for a safe vehicle? Give us a call at 520-572-8599 and schedule a service with us today! Want to check out our facility? Visit us at 3674 West Ina Road, just turn right on Exit 248 coming off Interstate 10! We accept all walk-ins!* We can’t wait to meet you!

*Wait times will vary pending daily schedule