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Although overlooked, wheel alignment is an important part of vehicle maintenance. This service, which actually focuses on the suspension system, helps make sure the wheels of your vehicle are working together and contacting the road at the proper angle. Driving with a misaligned vehicle can affect its performance and your driving experience, and it’s why you need to visit AAMCO Transmission in Tucson, AZ to fix it. Our experienced technicians utilize state-of-the-art alignment tools to ensure your vehicle is always properly aligned. Whether you experience a slight pull or aggressive vibrations while you drive, we can fix any issue you may have! All of our services are covered by our 12 Month / 12,000 Milesor 24 Month / 24,000 Miles nationwide warranty. For more info, speak with one of our service managers!

Are You Suffering From Misalignment?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to knock your vehicle out of alignment. Running over a pothole or hitting a curb could be all it takes to throw off alignment. If this happens to you, the best thing you can do is to look for signs of misalignment. Although many of the signs aren’t visual, there are some clear signs you can look for. Here are a few things you can do when searching for wheel misalignment.

Look at Your Steering Wheel

Although there aren’t many visual signs of misalignment, this is one of them. While in “Park,” inspect how your vehicle looks from a neutral position. Your wheel should be centered and in line with the wheels, which need to be straight to in order to reach true alignment. If the steering wheel needs to be turned one way or the other for your vehicle to go straight, that is a clear sign of misalignment.

Test Its Direction

Another way to test your vehicle’s alignment is to simply drive in an empty parking lot. While driving slowly, release your steering wheel and pay attention to how your vehicle moves. If it sways one way or the other instead of staying straight, your vehicle may be suffering from misalignment. You’ll also want to feel for any vibrations, as that is another sign of misalignment. Both of these symptoms are typically caused when one wheel is working against the other. This can cause additional damage over time, so you’ll want to visit us as soon as possible!

We’re Ready to Help You!

If you notice signs of wheel misalignment, don’t try to fight your vehicle. That will only lead to dangerous driving and more damage. Instead, provide it with the auto solutions it needs by visiting AAMCO Transmission in Tucson, AZ! Our highly trained automotive team will utilize their skill and technical knowledge to provide you with a quality and reasonably priced realignment service. We guarantee you’ll have a smooth drive by the end of your visit! We offer financing for all of our repairs, just speak with our service managers for more details! Give us a call at 520-745-5000 and schedule your appointment today! Need prompt same-day service? Visit our shop at 7120 East Golf Links Road. We happily accept all walk-in clients!*

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