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The next time you navigate a busy road or narrowly avoid an accident, make sure to thank your brakes. Designed to slow down and stop your vehicle, the brakes are the reason that you’re able to safely drive around town. At AAMCO Transmission in Tucson, AZ, we’ll make sure your vehicle is always equipped with functioning brakes. Our trained technicians and service managers will work with you to provide your brakes with the solutions it needs. Whether it needs a brake pad replaced or the brake lines bled, we have the services to handle it all. Our services also come with financing options and a nationwide warranty of 12 Month / 12,000 Miles or 24 Month / 24,000 Miles. Speak with our service manager for details!

Do You Have Bad Brakes?

To ensure you never drive with bad brakes, you need to know the signs of brake wear-and-tear or failure. With that information you’ll be able to prevent a small issue from turning into a big problem. Unsure what to look for? The AAMCO Transmission team is here to help. Here are a few common signs of brake failure that you need to look out for.

Strange Sounds

Although it’s normal to hear sounds when using your brakes, some sounds aren’t normal to consistently hear. When using the brakes, may sure you pay attention for squeaking and squealing or grinding. Squeaking and squealing typically occurs when the brake pad has reached its minimum level of thickness. A metal spring or “hair” built into the pads will be exposed and begin to gently scratch the brake disc. Grinding occurs when the brake pads have completely disappeared and there is metal-on-metal contact between the calipers and brake disc. This can cause significant damage to your vehicle and you’ll need to visit us to avoid additional damage and expensive repairs.

Spongy Pedal

This is a dangerous issue that should be fixed as soon as possible. You’ll notice a spongy pedal when you have to press further down on the brake pedal to activate the brakes. If not handled, the pedal will eventually reach the floor of your vehicle and you won’t be able to activate your brakes at all. This is typically caused by air or moisture being trapped in the brake line and you’ll need professional help to properly bleed the lines.

Visit Our Facility!

If you start to notice signs of brake wear, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Instead, make sure you visit AAMCO Transmission, the go-to brake repair experts in Tucson, AZ! Our experienced automotive team use the latest tools and service techniques to properly care for your vehicle’s braking system. By the end of your visit, your vehicle will be ready for the road! Give us a call at 520-745-5000 and schedule your appointment today! Need prompt same-day service? Visit our shop at 7120 East Golf Links Road. We happily accept all walk-in clients!*

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